Surgery at Pioneer Paws
Surgery at
Pioneer Paws Veterinary Clinic
My pet needs surgery.  Where do I start?  

Pioneer Paws is a full service veterinary hospital
offering a wide range of elective, non-elective, urgent
care and referral specialty surgeries.  We can help
you help your pet - read on for more information.  
Elective Surgeries such as spays, neuters
and dental surgeries:
Urgent care and non-elective surgeries:
My pet is sick and/or injured and likely needs surgery.  What should I do?

Give us a call.  We are more than happy to help.  Our talented staff will triage your
pet's condition during your phone call.  If your pet is in critical condition and would
be best seen and managed in a critical care facility (like your care would be in ECMC
or Women's and Children's hospital in Buffalo), our staff will likely immediately refer
you to the
Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center.  If your pet is stable or is too ill
for transport and Dr. Songster is immediately available, our staff will arrange to have
your pet seen here at Pioneer Paws.  Once your pet is seen and evaluated by Dr.
Songster, we will make arrangements to provide the care your pet needs.  If your pet
requires surgery that can be performed here at Pioneer Paws, Dr. Songster will
prepare a detailed treatment plan of your pet's needs.  Remember that "Not all
Surgeries are Created Equal" and that Dr. Songster will arrange to provide the care
that your pet needs and deserves.
Specialty / Advanced Surgery Program:
The American College of Veterinary Surgeons:
Veterinary is a reputable and reliable on-line resource for pet owners
designed and implemented by the Veterinary Information Network, Inc (VIN).  VIN is the
leading subscription based on-line resource for over 40,000 veterinarians world-wide.  
Learn about
cat-specific and dog-specific surgery topics or search the database for even
more specific information.
Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center:
here at Pioneer Paws and must go to the
Orchard Park Veterinary Medical Center?  
What then?  Your pet would be in great hands
What if my pet isn't able to have surgery done
at OP as it is known throughout the Western
New York veterinary community.  Orchard Park
Veterinary Medical Center is a 24 hour / 7 day
a week/ 365 day a year critical care facility
that is well-equipped to handle pets that
both specialized surgery and
advanced critical care both before and after
surgery.  Dr. James Fingeroth and Dr. Paul
Kloc are board-certified veterinary surgeons
that can do almost any advanced level
surgical procedure imaginable while the
talented team of veterinarians and support
staff will provide the necessary advanced
level critical care that your pet needs both
before and after surgery.
Resources that Dr. Songster utilizes:
How does Dr. Songster offer the most advanced and comprehensive surgical
recommendations possible?  Dr. Songster subscribes to the
Veterinary Information
 Dr. Songster can ask questions of boarded orthopedic and soft tissue surgical
specialists around the world and get answers within hours if not minutes.  Dr. Songster
also utilizes
E-vet Diagnostics, an on-line subscription based radiology (x-ray) service to
consult with board-certified radiologists regarding your pet's x-rays.  Both of these
services allow Dr. Songster to offer unparalled advice and expertise regarding your pet's
care.  It is like having thousands of veterinary specialists right here at Pioneer Paws!!
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If you are looking for the best veterinary hospital for
us a call.  Our comprehensive surgery program is
tailored to each pet's individual needs and we take all
necessary precautions to make every pet's surgery
as safe and as painless as possible.  We have one of
the most progressive pain management programs  
and Dr. Songster is an enthusiastic and competent
surgeon.   Check out our
"Not all Surgeries Are
Created Equal" publication.