Dentistry at Pioneer Paws
Want to learn more about our dentistry
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Buddy as he came to
Pioneer Paws for his COHAT procedure.
Pioneer Paws
Veterinary Clinic:
We here at Pioneer Paws Veterinary Clinic offer the
most progressive and comprehensive dental care
program imaginable.  Dr. Songster has had a special
interest in companion animal dentistry for several
years and has received extensive additional training in
the field.  Scroll down to learn more about your pet's
dental health care needs and how Pioneer Paws can
help you help your pet.
Quality dental care for your pet starts with a
comprehensive physical exam.  A veterinarian with
extensive dentistry experience can identify problems
in your pet's mouth that may not be immediately
obvious to the untrained eye.  During your pet's
physical examination, Dr. Songster will look for a
certain teeth to dig into your pet's gums, missing or
broken teeth, abnormally retained baby teeth, oral
tumors, tooth and gum infections, areas of jaw bone
loss and other dental and oral abnormalities.  Once Dr.
Songster has evaluated your pet's overall and dental
health, she will put together a plan for your pet's dental
health care needs.
Your pet has dental disease.  Now what?
Every pet that comes into Pioneer Paws Veterinary Clinic's dental program receives a
comprehensive dental health evaluation.  We call our dental procedures a "COHAT" which
stands for "Comprehensive Oral Health and Treatment" procedure.  This implies that every pet
receives a thorough and detailed dental health assessment as well as the treatment that they
need and deserve.  The hallmarks of every COHAT include a thorough oral exam, complete full
treatment tailored to each individual pet's dental and overall health care needs.  See our
pamphlet "Not all Dentistries are Created Equal" for more information about our COHAT
program.  A COHAT can only be done under general anesthesia - to do an
"awake teeth
cleaning" is considered to be inhumane, inadequate, substandard medicine and in some
jurisdictions malpractice and animal cruelty.  There is no way to accurately assess and treat a
pet's dental disease without general anesthesia.
Because we must do COHATs under general anesthesia, we take all of the
precautions necessary to insure your pet's safety and comfort.  These
precautions include a complete preoperative exam the day of your pet's
procedure, complete preoperative blood and urine testing, intravenous fluid
therapy during and after your pet's procedure, a tailored anesthestic "plane
ride" tailored to your pet's individual needs, comprehensive anesthestic
nursing care and monitoring, balanced pain management, and individual
post-operative nursing care in our ICU unit afterwards.
Every pet in our COHAT program goes home with
a detailed itemized invoice as well as an
individualized dental health care "report card" and
comprehensive post-operative instructions.  We
even digitalize your pet's dental x-rays and print
off a copy for you.  We also print pictures of your
pet's mouth before and after his or her COHAT so
you can see the difference!!
What if I'm worried about putting my pet under general anesthesia?
How will I understand what dental treatment my pet received during his or her COHAT
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