Clinic Tour
As you enter the door, why not take a seat in our comfortable reception area?
Get yourself a cup of coffee and browse our selection of magazines and informational
brochures. A nervous Fluffy or Fido can relax here - since we are a low volume clinic,
our reception area is quieter and has relatively less through-traffic than larger
veterinary clinics. And there are no lines of pets and people waiting for check-out -
thanks to technology, we are able to accept payment and hand you your invoice
right in the exam room!
(We do require that all pets are restrained with a leash
or placed in a pet carrier for you and your pet's safety!)

We meet all of our patients' needs with two comfortable, clean exam rooms.
Our canine patients can step into
"The Dozing Dog Den," our dog exam room.                                                         
We are equipped with an exam table that raises and lowers at the push of a button
- it minimizes stress and is more comfortable for our arthritis patients.  Our
"Cozy Cat
is the destination of choice for our feline patients. With the help of a member of
our caring staff, Dr. Songster can perform thorough physical exams, administer important
vaccinations, and speak with you one on one about your pet's health.      

To ensure an accurate diagnosis, Dr. Songster may turn to our
diagnostic laboratory. We can obtain vital information about a pet's
overall health by using our
blood chemistry and CBC (Complete
Blood Count) automated cytology machines.
We may require
bloodwork for diagnostic purposes, or to screen a patient prior to
surgery. Another part of the diagnostic process may include work
under the
microscope. Here, a trained technician is able to personally
evaluate ear and skin  cytologies, urine samples, stool samples,
blood films, and body tissue samples. Although the majority of our
laboratory work is done in-house, we can work together with
outside labs if necessary.

Just beyond the exam rooms is our
treatment table. This table
is used for drawing a pet's blood, preparing a pet for surgery,
passing IV catheters, or performing daily treatments for our
hospitalized patients. We at Pioneer Paws want you to know
that your pet is being well cared for if he or she needs to be taken
to our treatment area. There are windows looking from the exam rooms
to the treatment area so that both you and your pet have the ability to
see each other the whole time.

Pioneer Paws is also equipped with our own
x-ray unit.
Our x-rays are taken in-house at the push of a button. Using
our state-of-the-art automatic film processor, Dr. Songster can
view your pet's x-ray within minutes.  

Did you know that dogs and cats, just like people, need
dental exams and oral cleanings? Let Dr. Songster and our
staff take care of your pet's dental needs in our
dental treatment
. All dental procedures are done under gas anesthesia with
the full benefit of preoperative blood work, electronic monitoring
equipment, IV fluids, intra- and post operative nursing care, and
include pain medication to go home with each patient. A licensed
technician will take
dental radio graphs of your pet's teeth and
get that important look under the gum line. Your pet's teeth will be
cleaned and polished with professional grade ultrasonic tools.
Dr. Songster evaluates each patient's oral health and personally
performs all dental surgery, including tooth extractions. A healthy
mouth means a happy pet!

Surgery may be used as a means of preventative health care (like
spaying or neutering your pet), and may sometimes be needed to
improveor even save the lives of our beloved pets. We at Pioneer
Paws are proud to provide a comprehensive, quality, patient-oriented
experience.  Dr. Songster is experienced and highly capable in
performing a wide range of surgical services for canine and feline
patients, including
spays, neuters, and a large variety of other soft
tissue surgeries
Surgeries are performed in our
surgery suite. Every patient receives
the benefit of preoperative blood work, urinalysis, IV catheterization
and fluids, gas anesthesia, electronic monitoring (including EKG,
blood pressure, capnography, body temperature, and pulseoximetry),
intra- and post-operative nursing care, and pain medications to go
home with.

When a pet needs to be hospitalized or is recovering from surgery
or anesthesia, he or she will be kept in our comfortable, clean
kennel area.
We accommodate every size from chihuahua to Saint Bernard!
Our staff ensures your pet the best of care during his/her stay
with us.  We even set up a "nanny cam" so Dr. Songster can check
in on your pet from her own home if a patient needs to stay
"The Cozy Cat Corner"
"The Dozing Dog Den"
Treatment Area
X-Ray Unit
Dental Treatment Area
Surgery Suite
Kennel Bank
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