Have you ever wondered what might be involved
during an appointment at Pioneer Paws Veterinary
Clinic?  Let's follow Toby and Lily, two beautiful
Collies, during their recent visit to Pioneer Paws
affordable veterinary care
Toby's and Lily's owner called Pioneer
Paws to make an appointment and
spoke to Jim.  Toby and Lily are
regular patients at Pioneer Paws and
needed their regular wellness exams
and preventative health care.
Calling for an appointment:
Arriving at Pioneer Paws:
Checking In:
The Examination:
The Consultation:
The Clinic Tour:
Checking Out:
When Toby and Lily
arrived at Pioneer Paws
Veterinary Clinic, Sally
was there to meet
them.  Sally helped their
mom bring Toby and Lily
right into the "Dozing
Dog Den".
Sally entered information about both
Toby and Lily into the computerized
medical records.  She asked their
mom about any changes to their
health, any new concerns or
questions and information about their
current habits, food, and activity
levels.  She then had Toby and Lily
step onto the computerized scale to
obtain their weight.
We have laptop computers
right in the exam room so
your visit will be handled in
the room from start to
finish.  We utilize a
computerized medical
records system that
handles all records,
appointments, and
invoicing information.
Both Toby and Lily inspect the scale
which also doubles as the exam table.  
This table has an electric lift to bring the
pet up to our height so we don't have to
lift the pets up (a potentially scary
Sally invites both Toby and Lily to
step on the table so that the electric
scale can record their weights.
Have you ever heard the phrase "From Tooth to Tail"?  Well that
phrase sums up Dr. Songster's physical exam - she gives *every
pet* a complete physical exam *every time*.  Expect her to work
from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail.  Also expect her to
leave the "problem area" for the end because the problem area is
often the sorest and most painful area.
Toby's lump is a
confirmed fatty lump
called a "lipoma" which
is unlikely to cause any
problems.  However keeping track of
the size of the lump allows Dr.
Songster to determine how quickly it
might be growing and if removal might
become necessary.
Toby's Examination
Here Dr. Songster quickly reviews
the medical record while Sally
prepares to hold Toby for his exam.  
Sally, Jim or another member of
Pioneer Paws Veterinary Clinic's
staff *always* holds your pet during
their exam.  This leaves you free to
concentrate on what Dr. Songster
finds during your pet's exam.
And Lily's Examination:
Checking Teeth and Gums:
Listening to his Heart:
Checking his back legs:
Measuring Toby's
Lump on his
Dr. Songster always spends a few
minutes after examining each pet
explaining her findings and her
recommendations.  Our goal here at
Pioneer Paws is for every pet owner to
have a clear understanding of their
pet's health status and Dr. Songster's
Toby and Lily have been patients at Pioneer Paws for several years now so we didn't take
their owner on a tour this time.  However, we try very hard to give every pet owner a full
clinic tour at their first visit and at any time that their pet faces surgery or an extended
hospital stay.  We try very hard to help pet owners understand what happens "in the back"
so it isn't a "scary place" for pets or their owners.  We also offer tours to prospective clients
as well - just ask!!
After Toby's and Lily's examinations and consultations were finished, Dr. Songster
excused herself to write up detailed pet report cards.  Every pet that sees Dr.
Songster gets a written report detailing their visit to Pioneer Paws.  While Dr.
Songster wrote the report, Sally went over Toby's and Lily's health care plan and
checked their owner out right in the room (no trying to control 2 dogs at a front desk
counter!).  Sally also went over the report cards, scheduled follow-up visits,
answered any questions and helped their owner take the dogs out to her car.
What About Me?
If you like what you have read so far and would like to schedule an appointment
for your pet at Pioneer Paws, just call 716-492-1200 or stop into the clinic which
is located in the Cherry Stop Plaza at 12399 Olean Road (Route 16), Suite D,
Chaffee NY.   

Please expect that your first appointment will take at least one hour.  Please
bring or have faxed to Pioneer Paws any previous medical records for your pet  -
this helps Dr. Songster make the best recommendations for your pet and keeps
us from unnecessarily repeating vaccinations and diagnostic tests that may
already be done.  Our fax number is 716-492-1222.

Please remember that payment is due at the time of service (running a
veterinary clinic is expensive and our venders expect payment too!).  We would
be more than happy to provide an estimate for any services at the time of your
visit.  If you would like financing information, please ask about
Pioneer Paws Veterinary Clinic, PC,          12399 Olean Rd.,  Ste D                     Fax (716)492-1222
(716)492-1200                                                     Chaffee,   NY,   14030           Email:  pets@pioneerpawsvetclinic.com
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